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Last night's Quarantine Concert #1 was a blast! There was a great turnout with a handful of requests. It was interesting to be playing to nobody (except 2 little girls who sporadically had to come down and see what their crazy dad was doing).

I will definitely be doing another one of those in the not too distant future. Maybe I'll switch it up and do a fully unplugged show, or maybe a fully electric show. Who knows?!

Also, lesson learned that others who live stream should keep in mind: when live streaming, either use a device that does not receive incoming calls and that doesn't have a lot of notification sounds, or turn off notifications and calling while using your phone!

Coronavirus got you down? Feeling couped up? Going stir crazy?

I got you covered. Tomorrow night (Saturday the 28th), I'll be live streaming a concert from my basement on 2 platforms! Drop in between 7 and 8:30 (maybe closer to 9:00) and catch some tunes to cheer you up!

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Grab a beer and a spot on your sofa and STAY INSIDE!

Tonight's gig at Dr. Green's Indoor Golf in Ashland has been postponed. Stay tuned for more info.

Boom! Gig #2 at Dr. Green's Indoor Golf in Ashland on Friday, February 14th, 2020...Valentine's Day!


Fun set at Dr. Green's Indoor Golf last night. It was pretty quiet, which was perfect for busting out a few first timers (Good Times Roll, I Am Mine, Pigs (Three Different Ones)). Hopefully I get a chance to play there again and can bring in some more people - the place is really cool! Kid friendly too!

The first gig of 2020 is now on the calendar! I'll be playing a new venue for me: Dr. Green's Indoor Golf in Ashland.

Aside from coming to hear me play, you will have access to a full bar and pub menu, indoor golf simulators, Diamond pool tables, a shuffleboard table, ping pong and several large screen TVs! I'd love to get a recurring gig there, so the more people that show up the better!

The Notch Traveling Biergerten gig was a BLAST! I don't think I've ever played for nearly as many people as this before and it felt great. Crazy gusting wind aside, that gig was a true highlight of my solo gig history.

Thank you to a TON of people for showing up - family, friends, co-workers, and hundreds of people just there for the beer and nice weather. I appreciate each and every one of you. I mean it.

I'll be playing the Notch Traveling Biergerten @ Bird Park on June 15th. I was unable to play last year due to a prior commitment, but I'm looking forward to playing a few sets this year and throwing back a few beers!

See you there!

Thank you Ed and Steph for inviting me to play at the annual Roslindale Porch Fest. Their backyard was a great setting for a relaxed ~2 hour set, and Ed did a great job sitting in on a few songs!

Ed - keep firing up that smoker and making those ribs and I'll play there anytime you want!

What an honor it was to play Mike and Page's wedding last night. I played the "rocktail hour", followed by a Grateful Dead cover band and a DJ. Great vibes all night, and I'm proud to have played a small part in such a momentous occassion in their lives!

As much as my set was a blast, the highlight of the night for me (aside from the ceremony...duh) was joining Mike's brother Thom for his best man speech and jamming out a modified version of Trucking with custom lyrics made by Thom. We had been going back and forth via email, text and phone for a few weeks, and I even sent him a video to watch me play through the song - but we only got to practice in person for about 5 minutes total in a hallway right before the ceremony. It went off without a hitch and seemed to go over very well with the crowd! People were clapping along, Mike and Page got up and danced alongside Thom, and it was a truly special moment.

Mike and Page - I'm proud of you guys.

(And much to Mike's pleasure, I did not in fact bust out Sirens at any point in my set.)

Back already! I'll be hitting up Percival Brewing Company this Sunday, October 22nd. My sets should be between 5-8, but I may go on a few mins early for folks with kids who would like to be there for a bit.

I had a blast 2 weeks ago, and this is definitely a place you want to check out! The beer is great and although it's a Sunday, which means no food vendors, you can bring your own food and use their indoor picnic tables.

Not gonna lie - that went down as one of the best shows I've ever played. God that felt good. Thanks to the guys at Percival Brewing Company for having me! Sounds like they want me to come back as a regular artist!

Things have been quite for me this year with a lot of things getting in the way of seeking out new gigs (moving, job, know), but alas I have another solo gig! Check me out this friday at Percival Brewing Company in Norwood, MA. I plan on going on around 5:30, but possibly more like 6:00.

This is a brand spanking new brewery, and I would love to get a recurring gig there. The more people that show up to support them and me, the better! C'mon all you Norwood, Walpole and other Metro-Westers!

On top of the 2 remaining dates lined up at the Norwood Farmers Market this Summer (July 26th and Sept 13th), all you metro-westers can come check out my newly scheduled gig at the Westborough Country Club on July 29th! A new venue for me, thanks to a buddy of mine putting in a good word for me.

Hope to see some friendly faces!

Summer dates have been set for my appearance at the Norwood Farmers Market! I'll be hitting up the green in downtown Norwood from 1-4 on the following Tuesdays:

  • June 21
  • July 26
  • Sept 13

    See you there!
  • ::2/29/2016::

    My acoustic duo Cheese Merge will be back at Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub on Friday, March 4th. The reason I am posting this information here is that I will be kicking off the show with a solo set as Marc has a prior engagement and will be showing up a little later than usual. Come check out the solo set between 7:00 and 8:30 and then stay to watch Cheese Merge for the next few hours!

    Last night's show with buddy John Furr at TJ's in Ashland, MA was a blast. 2 good solid solo sets followed by a "let's see what happens" jam session provided some awesome moments.

    Much thanks to Silas & Becky, Damian & Kim, Carolyn, Eric, Kevin, Monica & Andy, and everyone else who happened to be in attendance!

    I'll be splitting a gig with my buddy John Furr at TJ's in Ashland, MA on Saturday, September 5th. We're going to perform 2 solo sets and then end off the night with a combined jam session.

    We'd love to see you there - it should be a blast!

    Today's gig at the Norwood Farmers Market has been canceled due to weather.

    I'll be back on October 6th!

    Yesterday's gig at the Norwood Farmers Market was awesome. 2 solid sets with several debuts. Plus I learned that trying to whistle in 90 degree humid weather is a mistake.

    Unfortunately my recorder had an issue in set 1 so it was not recorded. I recorded set 2, but it was so windy that the mics got over-powered a lot. I'll see what I can salvage.

    And last but not least - a HUGE thanks is in order to my sister who made the trip up from CT and totally caught me by surprise as she showed up with my niece and nephew. It really meant a lot to me to see them at my show. Very special indeed.

    Just booked 3 solo dates at the Norwood Farmers Market for 2015! Of course they are always subject to change, but for now they are from 1-4pm on the following Tuesdays: July 7, August 11 and Oct 6.

    Can't wait!

    What else can I say: last night's show at Agostino's was freaking awesome! What a great turnout (Kev & friends, Damian, Rosanna, Rob, Josh, Kevin, John/Carolyn & friend, Jeff....just awesome). Also a big shout out to the bar manager, Stacey, who jumped in and sang 2 songs with me...that was a blast!

    And last but not least: thank you to John Furr for jumping in and saving the day by helping me disconnect all of my guitar cables, tightening them, and reconnecting them...something was causing my signal to short out very early in the first set and it was driving me nuts. But after that it was smooth sailing for the next 2 1/2 hours. Much obliged, old friend!

    Tonight was supposed to be a Cheese Merge show at Agostino's in Natick, but unfortunately Marc injured his thumb and is out of commission for a couple of weeks. So instead I will be doing yet another solo gig! Come check out my set from 9-12 tonight. Great food and drinks, and a newly renovated bar...should be a great time!

    2 new solo gigs to tell you about: Tuesday, June 17th and Tuesday, August 5th at the Norwood Farmers Market! Both are mid-day sets from 1-4pm.

    I've been to the farmers market before and it's really worth checking out- it's easily one of the best I've ever seen. I'll be playing on the gazebo, overlooking the market stands. Should be a blast!

    The next scheduled gig is a private event in Millis, MA on June 14th, but stay tuned for some more gigs in the near future!

    What a great night at the Blackthorne Publick House! Extra special thanks to everyone who showed up: Kevin, Kevin, Rob, Bob, Jim, Lois and Shawn. Add to that the dozen or so people who were also there and I would say it was a pretty decent crowd.

    I can't wait to do it again!

    New date lined up: May 13th, 2014 at Blackthorne Publick House in South Easton, MA!

    This is a new venue for me. The menu looks great and they have an amazing beer selection. C'mon down!

    Also, we're trying to figure out a date for Cheese Merge to play here on a busy weekend night as well!

    After years of playing in Cheese Merge all around the Metro-West area (fret not, CM still gigs several times a year), I am striking out on my own. I'm available to play gigs in the following towns (and beyond):

    Norwood | Walpole | Westwood | Dedham
    Sharon | Canton | Needham | Newton
    Wellesley | Foxboro | Natick | Medfield

    I play mostly rock covers, covering all sorts of bands.
    Some artists covered include:

    Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Phish, Pink Floyd, Ray Lamontagne, Nirvana, Nick Drake, Rolling Stones, Jane's Addiction, Neil Young, Talking Heads, Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, The Kinks, Sublime, Radiohead, Screaming Trees, Simon & Garfunkel, The Clash, Michael Jackson, Social Distortion and Tom Petty.

    My policy is: If you request it and I don't know it, I will do my best to learn it for next time.